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Austin, Texas

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Mobil and Ready!!! With Quality You can Trust .....30 and more years still assisting others with repairs and services they can depend. With my know how your Big Rigs or even a small fleet of trucks or freightliners have no doubt ever run better than if we services the bad boys..Gauranteed and deticated to my Customers, But Repairs and preventive maintance, Auto, diesel, and heavy Equip. ,A Big Ole' Peterbelt to a cotton picker, combines,and more. Looking forward to hearing how I can be helpful to you in your efforts to maintain safe, efficient, reliable transportation in addition to saving you money in costly repairs and increasing your gas mileage. And if we don't succeed in getting ya going. We will find the person who will. In today’s economical crisis we really need to be able to rely and trust our mechanic . Yep!!! That's me an mine whos deticated detailed and only workin for you , your family, or business with quality and your safety In the makin. We know You work hard for your money as we do. So We want you to tell family friends an friends of friends Galore, You are our main focus. By the way might I mention We Don't worry bout money as a priority my freind Cuz, Its a no brainer with services like ours. Its pretty close to being the kinda services slowly dieing out. But come on now you'll never know until ya at least give us a Try . we are certain You'll never want to go anywhere else...... Keep on keepin on We are waitin. With all this an that I'll close an wait till ya call 512-552-7997 or message 512-290-2070 I cant hear ya don't wait till ever thing falls aprt keep it runnin with us in tip top an more...

David & Deborah Lezovich
David & Deborah Lezovich
Mobil Mechanic/Family Owned and Operated
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We love helping people and Husbands been in the profession for 30 something years. Takes pride and interest in not only what he's been requested to replace or service but, is constantly keepin a sharp eye out on everything else. You can depend on us to replace a battery or call us if you just get locked out of your car. Run out of fuel, The List of services We want to service you with goes on. Making sure you are fully aware as much as possible what condition your vicheles are in or what might be your next focus to get repaired or replaced. As well as keepin a look out for the most cost affective for not only our company but for you an your family as well. We believe still You The Customer Are still #1 and together we Rock Texas. Wer'e family with a plan to help people like you.

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